50,234 Words…And Counting | PLAY 002 Reflection

This is my reflection to our most recent experiment, PLAY 002 | NaNoWriMo and Other Challenges, in which I learn a lot about some of my previous outlining ideas. You can find an intro to our reflections over here, along with links to others’ experiences during November 2016.

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Reflection | PLAY 002: NaNoWrimo and Other Challenges

The month is complete, and our PLAY 002 comes to a close (for most). But Adventures in Storytelling isn’t just about the doing (though that’s a very important part). It’s also about reflecting on the doing.

So as we recover from our sprints and our dashes, take a few moments to finally clean out our writer’s mug (“What is that oh, oh god, no, Ahhhh!”), and prepare ourselves for the new challenge of keeping our writing going through the December holidays, join us here as we reflect on what we learned at the end of it all. Continue reading “Reflection | PLAY 002: NaNoWrimo and Other Challenges”

“Oh My God, Why” and Other Ways to Write and Reflect with Intention

Whether it’s through paint, dance, written word, digital media or any other method of creating, we are all storytellers, attempting to craft a narrative that communicates a something to our audience. For myself, this has always been a given, an obvious “duh” that didn’t register when experiencing that special hybrid of partial writer’s block and frustration. This is often the inevitable slow down following the excitement of starting a new project. The story and my creative intentions have grown muddy, and I am left with a side by side comparison of what I want to create, and how things are unfolding. This can take on many forms, but usually gives off a sense of not quite right. The story is there, the syntax is there, but the mood or the characters are off. And while there is something to letting creativity run where it wants, sometimes this is just a genuine sign that the something you want to give is missing; your first, second or 50th draft is finished, and it’s time to start a new one.

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