Character Sketch: Raul de Madera

The character sketches were a collaborative effort; a rough road map to understanding our characters. As we continued to co-write Charlotte’s Journey, this was a way to keep the “shape”, or a baseline, of a character in mind; so we didn’t create two competing arcs as we wrote first drafts.

After coming up with the appropriate characters required for our story, we spent some time hashing out important details together before each going off to capture our thoughts alone. The next week we shared what we came up with; for the most part, we agreed on broad strokes, and allowed the differing minutia to sway the sketches to their betterment. There were only a couple points where we had different, competing ideas in mind, and we were forced to debate until compromise was reached; always for the good of the story. (For the record—Raul was not one of those debates.) Continue reading “Character Sketch: Raul de Madera”