Character Sketch: (Old Man) Blue

The character sketches were a collaborative effort; a rough road map to understanding our characters. As we continued to co-write Charlotte’s Journey, this was a way to keep the “shape”, or a baseline, of a character in mind; so we didn’t create two competing arcs as we wrote first drafts.

Blue was introduced to give our party of adventurers a martial ability that neither Charlotte nor Raul posses. In some ways, he is the avatar of the barbarian hero that Charlotte so idolises, but he also makes it necessary that she practice her diplomatic skills by endlessly teasing Raul. Blue is really there for colour; he’s comic relief, deus ex machina, and occasionally a sounding board for a lesson Charlotte needs to learn. For all that, we still love him.

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A Night on the Bratwurst Pass

A Night on the Bratwurst Pass was part of an experiment. Luke and I had been working on character sketches and world-building for Charlotte’s Journey, but we hadn’t yet actually managed to get down to some good old fashioned story writing. We needed a change of pace, so I suggested that some homework for the week should be writing a short story. We would take our lovable skeleton man Blue and imagine a time when he was still alive in the flesh-and-blood sense of the word, and tell the story of the one time he met an orc. Below, you’ll find my take on that story. Although very much a first draft, it captures the spirit of both the character Blue in his (relative) youth and the world that he and Charlotte live in.

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