Writing Wrongs: Doing Right by your Villain

Last month, I wrote a section of Charlotte’s Journey that is told from the perspective of our villain, Count Vilnius. When we eventually assemble the jigsaw puzzle and put all these sections in order, “A Vile View of Vilnius” should be the second chapter dealing with our big bad, but in draft format this section was the first time Luke and I had privileged access to Vilnius’ thoughts. It was also the first time I had a chance to write the character at all.

The constant refrain when writing Charlotte’s Journey has been “do something simple very well.” The simple part is so that Luke and I are working in a frame we’re familiar with. The very well part is there so we challenge ourselves in that frame. Although I’ve encountered a number of difficulties writing Charlotte’s Journey, writing Vilnius was perhaps the most difficult so far. As it result, it may also have been the most rewarding. Continue reading “Writing Wrongs: Doing Right by your Villain”

Treatise: On Magic

EDITOR’S NOTE: Early on in our talks, James sent me an email with this Treatise: On Magic inside, to help me understand his perspective on the concept of magic and how he wanted to use it in our story. For myself, I like the giant fireball, and I think some of the fun is in jumping through the rhetorical hoops. But I was intrigued by the concept and thought it would be fun to write; a challenge, too. It’ll be interesting to come back to this when Charlotte’s Journey reaches its end, and see how magic fared in our world. —LG Continue reading “Treatise: On Magic”