Character Sketch: Lucinda Brubaker

The character sketches were a collaborative effort; a rough road map to understanding our characters. As we continued to co-write Charlotte’s Journey, this was a way to keep the “shape”, or a baseline, of a character in mind; so we didn’t create two competing arcs as we wrote first drafts.

Lucinda is an interesting character to write. Though we do meet her early in the story, for the most part, she won’t be there. We only know this character through her pupil (as James says, “through memoir and imagination”). She’s the constant teacher and it’s her influence (as it affects Charlotte) that we truly see, yet through those lessons, we get to know her.

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CC.006.L.2 | The Sword Introduced

This was the first chunk of Charlotte’s Journey I started writing; our introduction to the accord sword, and possibly the first time we’ll see magic affect the world. It also gives us a lot of insight into Charlotte’s thoughts, her relationship with Lucinda (and maybe Vilnius, too); not to mention monks, ceremony, and blood. Though it’s clear it still needs a lot of polish (it is a first draft, after all), I feel I was able to really capture Augusto’s voice in the end…

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