Getting Started – James: 3 Variations on a Theme

The first step on the road to Charlotte’s Journey was figuring out exactly what sort of story we wanted to tell. Three conditions were at the heart of it all: we would explicitly use the trajectory of Joseph Conrad’s monomyth from The Hero With a Thousand Faces, the protagonist should be female, and she should be saddled with a sword that she is unable to wield.

Below are the first three story treatments James wrote during the process of ideating Charlotte’s Journey.

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Getting Started – Luke: 3 Variations on a Theme

When we started this project, I approached James with three variables—one, we write a story that adheres to the beats of Joseph Campbell’s Monomyth, two, our protagonist is a woman, and three, there’s a GIANT sword the protagonist can’t use. He agreed to all three, and suggested we each come up with three ideas on how these variables could work together to become a story.

The following are Luke’s first three ideas, in all their hideous glory. You’ll see notes to myself, to James, and the rise and abandonment of thoughts as I was writing them. James is right—I never really did this when crafting stories (up until this point). I get an idea, and I go with it (perhaps why a mountain shows up in two versions below; plus, kind of in the 3rd one too), never thinking about how it could be done differently (and thus missing out on all sorts of great ideas). This was really good exercise for me because I found it very hard to do—which can be summed up in five words, “Similar start to Idea #1…” Continue reading “Getting Started – Luke: 3 Variations on a Theme”