A Night on the Bratwurst Pass

A Night on the Bratwurst Pass was part of an experiment. Luke and I had been working on character sketches and world-building for Charlotte’s Journey, but we hadn’t yet actually managed to get down to some good old fashioned story writing. We needed a change of pace, so I suggested that some homework for the week should be writing a short story. We would take our lovable skeleton man Blue and imagine a time when he was still alive in the flesh-and-blood sense of the word, and tell the story of the one time he met an orc. Below, you’ll find my take on that story. Although very much a first draft, it captures the spirit of both the character Blue in his (relative) youth and the world that he and Charlotte live in.

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Treatise: On Magic

EDITOR’S NOTE: Early on in our talks, James sent me an email with this Treatise: On Magic inside, to help me understand his perspective on the concept of magic and how he wanted to use it in our story. For myself, I like the giant fireball, and I think some of the fun is in jumping through the rhetorical hoops. But I was intrigued by the concept and thought it would be fun to write; a challenge, too. It’ll be interesting to come back to this when Charlotte’s Journey reaches its end, and see how magic fared in our world. —LG Continue reading “Treatise: On Magic”