Right Pillar Prompts

Here are some mental prompts to help you generate content in the Central Pillar. Don’t try and answer these questions as they are, though. Let them influence your thoughts and see where your mind goes.

As you craft articles in the Central Pillar, come back to these questions. Ask yourself if what you’ve crafted fits into any of these questions. When it does, think about how, what shape does that fit take? If it doesn’t, think about why not and try and articulate a space where it does fit.

This is just a starting point, a way to invoke the Right Pillar. These questions will expand and shrink as the Community discusses and develops our ideas on storytelling.


  • Where do ideas come from? How do you generate ideas? What is your inspiration?
  • How do you filter, change, develop, evolve, (etc.) ideas
  • How do you communicate your idea to your audience? How do you make your audience feel?