Right Pillar

We create in the Left Pillar; we discuss, comment, and explore storytelling in the Central Pillar; finally, here in the Right Pillar, as our community grows and explores, we collect the conversations that keep recurring, the ideas we just can’t seem to shake, those thoughts that over and over again people keep returning to in articles, comments, and reflections.

When trends emerge from the Central Pillar, we are (hopefully!) zeroing in on some sort of creative wisdom. These are the insights that could apply to our acts of storytelling and be helpful regardless of the media we work with or the genre we work in.

On the Right Pillar drop-down menu, when a trend emerges, we’ll add a page that gathers the articles, Plays, comments, reflections, and more that pertain to that trend; a one-stop location for anyone to read along, following the journey of the idea.

These trends are organic, growing ideas; as the conversation continues, we’ll add to the page. One day, perhaps, we’ll come to a conclusion and wrap it up; but we’re not really sure what that looks like. So, for now, we’ll just let them grow.


May 1, 2017:

We have our first trend! James was rereading our Central Pillar articles, and noticed that everyone seemed to have one thought or another regarding the idea, Freedom To Be WrongIt just kept popping up. He realized, perhaps, we had something for the Right Pillar and after discussing it, we re-jigged the RP and…well, here were are! (The page itself is still being constructed as I figure out the best way to capture each object.)

— Luke