Left Pillar

Here you’ll find the projects and creations of our community members. This is the blood, sweat, and tears portion of Adventures In Storytelling. Not only will you find polished works of art, but you’ll get a chance to take a look at the process of creation itself—the rough notes, drafts, sketches, or any sort of planning phase material we want to share. This content will often be used as examples during Central Pillar discussions. Stories like Luke & James’:

Charlotte’s Journey

by Luke Gobert & James Lisle

Charlotte’s Journey is an exercise in co-writing and world building. We are writing a piece of genre fiction, set in a fantastical world of limited magic, based on the Hero’s Journey, from Joseph Campbell’s The Hero With a Thousand Faces. We asked ourselves: “Can we tell an interesting story, with memorable characters, that adheres to the monomyth structure?” The point of our piece is really about collaboration; with each other and, when the writing is done, with other storytellers through a variety of media.

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