Reclaiming the Title of Storyteller

Adventures in Storytelling is an ambitious project. In between multiple jobs and mortgages and marriages and home renovations and all manner of adult responsibilities, about a year ago, Luke and I made a big decision. We decided we would go ahead with this project, even if we didn’t really know at the time what the project was, exactly. Now that we’ve had some time to think about what we’re doing, we’ve realised that in some ways we’re doing what has been done many times before: we’re building an online writer’s advice website. Our novel trick, our niche, is that we’re trying to prove that the advice we have isn’t just for writers. It is for any creator, storytellers of every make, shape, and size. Nevertheless, we are very well aware of the fact that we’re moving over well-trodden ground. So why the continued commitment? Why are we passionate about Adventures in Storytelling?

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Calling All Storytellers: the Adventures in Storytelling Pitch!

At the start of Adventures in Storytelling, before this website existed as a place for us to meet and share ideas, as James and Luke were gathering the community, they sent around a Google-doc that detailed the vision of the project, its goals, direction, and a brief how-to in regards to getting started. Though the original dates were full of hope and failure (and rightly removed from this rendition), the doc nonetheless played its part in bringing this group of creators together.

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