About Us

STORYTELLER (n) – a person who engages in any act of communication.

We communicate through writing, singing, dancing, debate; through our art and our passions; through social media, language, and across time and space. Any time we are communicating with each other, we are engaging in an act of storytelling.

Music, novels, movies, songs, poetry, oral traditions, history, paintings, the human body… All (and more!) are media to carry story. Each in its own way, certainly, but all share the fundamental essence of storytelling.

What We Do:

Here at Adventures in Storytelling, our goal is to become better storytellers, and we believe the best way to do that is through (get this) telling stories. We’re a growing group of creators that allow our projects to live in a community space, so we can take a look under the hood of the process of creating, in order to find, understand, and embody the fundamentals of storytelling.

How We Do it:

Here at Adventures in Storytelling we share and talk about our work, our process, and find those elusive places where storytelling transcends any one given medium. We want to understand how and why acts of storytelling matter, and capture what we learn in an evolving Guidebook, all in the continued effort to be better storytellers. Learn more by reading the Adventures in Storytelling Pitch.

Why We Do It:

We define ourselves through the stories we tell each other. We believe in the power that stories have to reach people and have a profound effect on them. From the smallest child to the oldest person, and most definitely everyone in between, story is how we move through life. Whatever our medium may be—even if it is only telling a partner, “Do you know what happened to me at work today? Well let me tell you….” We are all storytellers. Why not strive to become the best storytellers we can be together?

To that end, the shared space of Adventures in Storytelling is meant to act as a pool of advice, a sounding board for ideas, a place for healthy debate, and most of all a forum for exploring what it means to be a storyteller in our changing world.

Where We Came From:

Adventures in Storytelling started on March 12th of 2015 when Luke Gobert emailed James Lisle with a plan. An author that they had both admired had passed away that day, and Luke felt a pressing need to make sure the world had a new generation of Storytellers. Over the course of the next year, they worked together to build the foundations of the Adventures in Storytelling community (but ended up putting most of their time into this about page).

Who We Are:

Storytellers, obviously! But if you’d like to meet the Community, come with us…

Community is a powerful motivator. Look at Paris during the 1920s and the stunning artist’s community that passed through, with the likes of Gertrude Stein, Ernest Hemingway, the Fitzgeralds, Salvidor Dali, and so many more. All these artists, so close together, feeding into and off of one another’s works, ideas, and process, creating some truly amazing stories. In the digital age, Adventures In Storytelling will try and be that place for a new generation of storytellers.

So if you’re a storyteller (and if you’ve been paying attention, the fact that you’re reading this means you are), hop over to the Central Pillar and join in the conversation. Or jump to the Left Pillar and see some stories we’ve been creating, and learn a bit about our process. Or check out the Right Pillar and see what we’ve found (so far) that we felt important enough to add to the Storytelling Guidebook…