Drum Roll Please…

Hey. I just wanted to share this moment with y’all.

See, after February’s PLAY—where I went to Wiarton and James and I finished the Charlotte’s Journey first draft!—we decided that the next step, after we finished putting our notes on each section (which are coming!), was to throw it all together in One Big Giant Doc to see if we could, in fact, break Google Docs.

—Nah, just kidding (James’ computer hopes). Really, we wanted to know how many words we’ve written for Charlotte?

Well folks—I just put that doc together. It’s sitting over there on the other side of my screen, like some little behemoth waiting to quantify how much energy we’ve dropped into this project. I’m almost scared to look…

I decided that this moment should be shared with those that are following our progress (or, to those in the future, that are enjoying the journey); that’s you—thanks for reading!

We are, of course, far from finished; this is just the first draft. But that, as they say, “ain’t nothing.”

So, without further adieu, if I may have a drum roll, please…

Stranger Things Dustin does a drum roll, GIF style...

Thank you, Dustin.

*Ahem* Together, James and I—for the delightful little project Charlotte’s Journey (working title)—have written…

125,275 words!

Holy guacamole. That’s a lot of words. That’s real book length. That’s over 194 pages. That’s 3 years and counting. (And not counting all the peripheral docs, like character sketches and the ideation process). That’s… Yeah. The longest thing I’ve ever written. Dang. :’-D

Cool. 125,275 words.

Looks like it’s time to start cutting.
(Somewhere from 12,528 to 93,956…)

(WRITER’S NOTE: Dang, I can’t find the comment I posted on an AiS article that told the Spider Robinson story about cutting out 75% of a story and it being much better. Well, trust me, it makes my last joke here apt and hilariously funny. True story.)

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