PLAY 003 | Day 3: Three… Two.. One… Jump!

Wondrous Wiarton Writing Retreat Log | Day 3:
Thursday February 15, 2018

Section: CC.035 (additions), CC.036
Time Spent Writing: ~3 hours (maybe? I kind of lost track of time…)
Number of Words: 2,769 (nice!)

Writing is weird. Today, I made four people fight. They had no real choice in the matter, they just had to hit, get hit, and do what I said. (Poor Raul! I owe that guy a beer…)

Today I got to and wrote through the final battle between Sandy and our heroes! It’s interesting how fast a fight scene feels like it comes out. The numbers, and potential time we spent writing, means it was all pretty steady to how fast/much I’ve been getting this week. But the fight itself practically exploded out.

I’ve spent some time between writing sessions thinking about how I’m writing, and a bit about what. I said to James earlier, “This is a numbers and distance game.” It’s not about finesse; it’s not about accuracy. Heck, for some parts, it’s not even about quality. It’s about connecting the last few dots and calling a first draft done. (And folks — I really think we might get there!)

We’ve had so many starts, stops, and new ideas as we’ve been writing this draft of Charlotte’s experience, honestly, it’s all a bit of a mess. There’s a lot of work that will need to go into the next draft (some real “kill your [story] babies” going on; along with connecting theme elements, setups and payoffs, etc.) so I stopped worrying about these last few bits and am just going for it. Because even if most has to go or be rewritten, there’s an idea on the page that has been tested and brought us closer to what will work.

For example, the chase scene across the rooftops of Fort City. I think it lacks tension. There are a few internal deviations I take Charlotte’s thoughts on that kill any narrative tension I may have built up. That will have to be fixed. There’s a lot of talk about “the Up,” which I think is a neat idea; but is it needed for the story? Does it help it? We’ll find out later. What we did find is a beautiful moment of reversal between Charlotte and Raul that mirrors a previous experience. (Plus, some physical comedy when they all fall down; and who doesn’t love that!)

Our heroes got from the main gate to the Keep and past Sandy—and that makes me happy. I can cross another section off the list and draw us closer to the end.

I also want to pay special note to the length of time spent writing, or particularly, the fact that I don’t know how long the second session was. I didn’t even bother setting a clock. We did an hour after breakfast, then went for a walk to the post office and grocery store for Geek Books and chicken burgers. After that, we sat down with a fresh tea each and just wrote. There were some fits and starts, some sharing the fun stuff that was happening, but for several hours just went for it. And you know what?

I might have been able to keep going. (Maybe.) We’re building up some real momentum and I’m excited to keep it going tomorrow. I’m thinking about tomorrow’s writing with excitement. If that’s not a success for today, then frankly, dear reader, I don’t know what is!

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