PLAY 003 | Day 2: One Lost Egg

Wondrous Wiarton Writing Retreat Log | Day 2:
Wednesday February 14, 2018

Section: CC.028, CC.035 (all new, baby!)
Time Spent Writing: ~3 hours
Number of Words: 2,735

After successfully sleeping in to 11AM, I awoke to an empty house (save for the cat); James was away to work, and I—after a disastrous attempt to make breakfast (R.I.P. egg I dropped)—set out to accomplish my own tasks!

This included 3 one hour writing sessions, interspersed with dishes, freelance work, and lunch. Going was slower during the first section (uh, folks; did you know it’s harder to get back into your villain’s head?) but it was completed by the end of the second writing session, and the final one took our intrepid heroes across the rooftops of Fort City with great speed!

I completed 600 more words than yesterday, and completed 1.75 sections. I’ll call this day another win! (Except for that egg. I did, however, eventually manage to find the garbage bags…)

Tomorrow James and I go at it again (with french toast!) Perhaps the Modera Clan village will be realized, alive, and well! For my part—Blue and Sandy are going to mess it up!

Luke and Esme pause from writing for a quick selfie break!

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