PLAY 003 | Day 1: Getting Into It

Wondrous Wiarton Writing Retreat Log | Day 1:
Tuesday February 13, 2018

Section: CC.017 (again), CC.031 (correction)
Time Spent Writing: 2 hours
Number of Words: 2,118

I arrived in Wiarton around 12:30PM, providing the Secret Geek Signal to gain access to The Cottage (aka James’ home). I was instantly at ease amid the LEGO, lightsabres, and copious books. I offered James a hearty hello, and we sat and chatted, as two old friends do.

Being “Travel, Part 2” day, I knew we wouldn’t be able to accomplish copious amounts; but there would be time to start. And start we did! After warming our insides with tea, James dusted off his writing desk and we got down to business.

I set an alarm for two hours, the minimum I wanted to commit to the day, and set to work. I had already picked out the section I would start with—my attempt at the knitting trees. It’s a short section, been written once before, only two characters, and a very clean focus on what it’s trying to do (I managed to miss an old note to my future/current self, however, so there’s more still to do; but it will waste for the Great Puzzling, when all the pieces are put together).

That took an hour, so afterwards, I tackled “fixing” a previous section I was having trouble with. One does not simply “get onto a boat” and, it turns out, one does not simply walk through a door (albeit even a big giant one). I realized awhile back that there’d be a crowd outside the gates that would provide the necessary cover our heroes needed to sneak onto Vilnius’ retinue, so I removed an erroneous tree and replaced it with city folk (it works much better). Afterwards, two hours were up! (And it was time to grocery shop and make a character sheet for the evening’s Starfinder session.)

Reflecting afterwards, James and I agreed on one very important point: we’re back in it. We’ve been gone from Charlotte’s world for sometime, but with just a couple hours dedicated to the cause, already we both felt back there with her, Raul, and good old Blue. A great place to chase the first draft finish line!

I consider today a success, for:

  • Getting back in it;
  • Successfully writing a (solid!) chunk from a soft start to the day.

I look forward to what tomorrow shall bring!

1 thought on “PLAY 003 | Day 1: Getting Into It”

  1. I just want to point out that when Luke says I dusted off my writing desk, he meant it literally. I pulled out the furniture polish and the dusting rag and all. If you read though all five updates Luke posted this week, you’ll notice a note on shared space at the end – although Luke started the week writing in my back room, he migrated first to the kitchen, then to the study in the front of the house, where my desk lives. I’d like to think this was a kind of gravatic attraction, like the weight of the all the words pulled him in – not only the words that exist in all the books in that room, but the words that were just hanging there, waiting to be put on a page (digital or analogue).

    Luke will also confirm (or deny, but then he’d totally be lying) that he recently cleaned his office at home.

    Dusting was necessary – not only because there was dust, but because it was an acknowledgement of a number of things. First, that my desk has been used for too little writing and too much piling-up of nerd shit in these most recent months (I really need to find a better home for all my nerd shit). Second, that there sometimes needs to be a clearing of things. A wiping away of what has been left over from before, if you will. You’ve got to shake the dust off. If dusting that desk wasn’t a symbol of tabula rasa, I don’t know what is.

    You know what you do with a blank slate? You fill it. (Hopefully not in a violent colonial way).

    The space we work in as creators is important. Sometimes cleaning off your desk needs to be done because its dusty. Sometimes cleaning off your desk needs to be done so you can clean out your mind, so you can set the things that are in the way aside and get down to some real work.

    A clean and clear space’ll really let you exorcise those words.

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