Reflection | PLAY 002: NaNoWrimo and Other Challenges

"Reflections" PLAY (NaNoWrMo): A spiraling staircase up, seen from below, reveals a the colourful silhouette of a person's head, with goals on its mind.

The month is complete, and our PLAY 002 comes to a close (for most). But Adventures in Storytelling isn’t just about the doing (though that’s a very important part). It’s also about reflecting on the doing.

So as we recover from our sprints and our dashes, take a few moments to finally clean out our writer’s mug (“What is that oh, oh god, no, Ahhhh!”), and prepare ourselves for the new challenge of keeping our writing going through the December holidays, join us here as we reflect on what we learned at the end of it all.

Even if you weren’t able to participate in PLAY 002, if you’ve been following along with Madeline, James, and my journeys, perhaps you did your own reflecting and came to some conclusions yourself. We’d love to hear about them.

Finally, though November may be over and the holidays looming (if not already here for you), it still remains the perfect time to join the Adventures in Storytelling community. And, wouldn’t you know it, we have a way to be reached now! So give yourself an early, late, or perfectly timed present, and shoot us an email to start your quest to become a better storyteller.

And now—on to the reflections!

Madeline’s Reflection coming soon!

Luke’s Reflection

James’ Reflection coming soon!

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